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Mechanical Design Engineer:
Daily tasks will include direct communication with our Sales Team, Customers and Manufacturing; a key to Mid-America Machining success. Working together with product design you will use SolidWorks 2022 to develop fully parametric 2D sketches. The solids will be driven from these 2D sketches to develop 3D mold designs. Within these 3D designs we develop the cooling line / channels that best suit the container shape to provide the Customer with optimized cooling for enhanced cycle time. You will also be required to design venting, scrap chambers, neck finish and adapt the mold to the Customer blow mold machine platform. In some cases we also design die tooling to provide optimal wall thickness in the end product. Within the design of the neck finish you will be required to research shrink rates (within company history) to apply these to an excel embedded design table which drives dimensions to yield in spec containers. Bachelors in Engineering and SolidWorks experience a plus.

Field Service Technicians:
Looking for hard-working, mechanically-inclined individuals who are willing to travel. Duties: Provide service and customer support during field visits and manage mold installation, trial runs, repairs and maintenance. Due to extensive travel throughout the United States applicants must have the ability to work flexible shifts, adapt to changing work schedules and have a valid driver's license. Our Field Service Technicians are available as needed to our customers to provide on-site technical support and processing assistance including hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, electrical systems, controls systems, and downstream equipment. Technician support includes periodic maintenance of our customer's blow molding systems to make sure they are running at peak efficiency. Also, emergency trouble-shooting on-site is part of the job and may be scheduled on the weekends. Technical services include: Installation of blow mold equipment and services, blow mold optimization, auxiliary equipment optimization, preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, machine start-ups, lubrication, calibration & troubleshooting. Field Service Technicians will work at the Mid-America Machining location when Field Service work is not on the schedule. Responsibilities may vary from doing trial runs on our lab machines to working on the shop floor. Training will be provided for all aspects of the job. Wages are competitive and are based on level of experience.