Company Profile

mid-america machining Mid-America Machining was founded in 1988 by Mark Berry. Originally based in Norvell, MI, Mid-America began with just two employees in a cramped, 2500 square foot facility.

In 1991, Mid-America Machining began producing blow molds, trim tooling and other related tooling for a major blow molding machinery manufacturer. In 1995 the company acquired high speed machining technology and in 1998 expanded to 15 employees as well as began producing molds and tooling for three major mold manufacturing companies in the United States. In 2002, the company initiated its own Engineering, Sales and Marketing efforts to become a stand-alone blow mold producer.

Today, Mid-America Machining is located in a spacious 55,000 square foot facility in Brooklyn, MI, and is committed to delivering quality and value in every aspect of our business along with meeting the challenges of the blow mold industry.

The Mid-America Machining team has a wealth of experience in the blow molding industry. The thing that sets us apart from other mold makers is that we have direct experience beyond the blow mold itself. We understand machinery platforms and applications because our people have had repeated experience with them.