Mid-America Machining is excited to introduce Cornerstone Technology™ molds and design services, our latest breakthrough in redefining the strength to weight ratio for extrusion blow molded containers. When applying this patent pending technology to industry standard oblong or rectangular shapes Mid America Machining has successfully demonstrated the ability to reduce the weight of containers by 20-25 percent while maintaining or improving the existing strength of the bottle. This level of weight reduction is achieved by minimizing the PSR to maximize the strength benefit of available resin in the container.  

“The initial focus was on mature markets where packaging designs have stagnated over time’” said Pete Lobbestael, Senior Vice President of Mid America Machining. “The most exciting aspect of this technology is the fact that it is not limited to a specific industry or bottle size” he stated. “It can be applied to virtually any existing shape that has a rectangular footprint.”

Dave Yenor, Vice President of Business Development for Mid-America Machining went on to say “Blow molding veterans who participate in dairy packaging may recall when Mid-America Machining transformed a significant portion of the domestic dairy market a few years ago with our patented lightweight dairy jug designs.  Our Cornerstone Technology™ molds build upon the lessons learned in lightweighting dairy  shapes and opens up a much broader segment of the packaging industry for bottle weight reduction while maintaining performance requirements.”

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